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Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
5:00 am  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD
8:00 am  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD
9:00 am  WOD
12:00 pm WOD WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD
3:00 pm  Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym Open Gym
4:00 pm  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD
5:00 pm  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD
6:00 pm  WOD  WOD  WOD  WOD

WOD: (Workout of the Day) lasts roughly an hour. Classes consist of a general warm-up, dynamic warm-up, mobility, strength/skill work, and a CrossFit workout of the day. This is THE PLACE to try out your three (3) free visits.

OPEN GYM: one hour block devoted to practice, skill work, and one-on-one coaching. This time is NOT available for the three (3) free visits. This time is also available to regular members who may have missed a workout earlier in the week.

FOUNDATIONS CAMP: available to newcomers, veteran CrossFitters, and current members that need a refresher course in the fundamentals of CrossFit. Course lasts roughly four hours, with a thirty minute lunch break. Course curriculum includes lecture on the foundations of CrossFit, practical application of the nine foundational movements, nutritional guidelines, hydration recommendations, Olympic weightlifting technique, gymnastics fundamentals, and “prehab” practices. Course is $25 USD per participant. See a coach for next Foundations Camp dates!