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How to Get Started

CrossFit No’Ala provides a complete health and fitness program from the very start.  As a new member, you will receive a fitness assessment and THREE (3) FREE classes to be used in a ONE (1) week period.  Then, either sign up for our Foundations Camp covering CrossFit’s Foundational movements OR move right into our regular CrossFit classes.   We require that you initially attend these THREE (3) FREE classes to get a better understanding of how customizable and scalable our regular CrossFit classes are.

CrossFit’s training philosophy revolves around universal scalability and variability.  Our training program and coaching staff ensure safety and efficacy of training and keeps physical progression optimal and continuous for each individual.  The framework of CrossFit classes guarantees that each member receives personal attention throughout each class and workout.  Coaches are always with you to make sure you get the maximum benefit from every workout and every movement you perform.  The value of individualized attention combined with group motivation is replicated nowhere else.

Our THREE (3) FREE classes can be used at ANY of our regularly scheduled class times.  Click “Schedule” to see our latest up to date class schedule.

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