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What should I expect at my first CrossFit workout?

Our classes are in a group setting. We encourage our members to get to know one another and make newcomers feel at home.  We foster a community of members who come together in pursuit of their best physical fitness, and you’ll see this firsthand when you’re warmly welcomed by people you’ve never met before.

As for the class itself, you will be led through a group warm up in preparation for the Workout of the Day (WOD).  These workouts vary greatly in duration but never in intensity.  Throughout the process, your coaches will provide instruction and guidance, encouragement and push.  On your first day, it may seem like everyone in the class is doing different workouts; in reality, every workout that we write can be and is tailored for each person based on their needs and skill level.  Your coach will make sure you get the same attention on your first day and everyday after.

Do I need prior experience to take classes?

No.  Our CrossFit Foundations classes get you the knowledge and skill base to safely transition you into our regular classes.  The CrossFit philosophy and methodology is all about universal scalability, from the beginner to the most experienced athletes.

Do I have to be in shape before starting CrossFit?

NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!! CrossFit is designed for athletes of ALL levels — from professional athletes, to desk jockeys, to homemakers, to retirees. We scale load and intensity for all our members based on their individual fitness level and ability. Going to a traditional health club first will just delay the benefits you will receive from a CrossFit regimen.  We can scale every movement and every workout until you are strong/fit enough to complete the workout as it is prescribed (Rx’d). Fitness is an ongoing pursuit. The most elite athlete can come into our gym and find a workout challenging.  Whatever level you are at now, you go at the workout as hard to you can getting fitter and fitter each day.

Can anyone do CrossFit?

Yes, anyone can do CrossFit!  CrossFit has programs tailored just for kids and seniors.  CrossFit can be modified for any body type and for any injury.

What makes CrossFit different from other gyms?

CrossFit is about variance and adaptions.  We “program” our workouts for General Physical Preparedness, or GPP.  They are designed to get you to be a generalist in fitness.  We don’t have leg days, back- and bi- days, or cardio days.  We believe in the body as a whole system, and strengthening it as a whole.

We also give you basic education in diet and nutrition.  We believe nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness:  How we feed out bodies determines how quickly we achieve the results we want.  You cannot exercise off a bad diet!

So for you, that means you’re a better runner than the best weightlifter, a better lifter than the best marathoner, and generally physically prepared for anything in your everyday life.  It also means a healthy body, and a strong and lean physique.

And of course, every workout is lead by one of our coaches who gives you personal training in a group setting.  Each coach has passed his/her Level One Certification and is a facilitator, teacher and your cheerleader.

What is GPP?

General Physical Preparedness.  We use GPP to build an overall general conditioning and to minimize weaknesses.  We apply GPP as a way of making people as healthy and well rounded as their schedule and physical ability will allow.